The key technology of the future: Atmospheric pressure plasma treatment for custom surface modification

Cost-effective starting materials and individualized solutions for surface treatment are frequently the deciding factor in industrial manufacturing. Openair® plasma treatment under normal pressure is used in all areas of industrial manufacturing. The potential of this multi-faceted technology is almost unlimited. Materials like plastic, metal, glass, textiles, and recycled or composite materials are efficiently and effectively cleaned, activated or coated with atmospheric plasma.

Innovative and cost-effective plasma surface treatments in production are implemented with our Openair® plasma technology without using any chemicals and without significant intervention in the existing process sequence:

  • Optimal printing and ink bonding using Openair® plasma technology

    Openair® plasma technology is used for all common printing methods, like pad printing, screen printing, or offset printing. The plasma treatment makes improved printing and ink bonding possible and ensures secure long- term adhesion of difficult to bond water-based printing inks even on difficult surfaces ...
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  • Better paint adhesion, better paint appearance: notably less scrap during painting

    In the painting process, perfect surface treatment ensures better paint adhesion and flawless paint appearance. Today, environmentally-friendly water-based painting processes - which are now possible due to material pretreatment with atmospheric plasma – are the centerpiece of production for many manufacturers...
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  • Better adhesive bonding characteristics – improved adhesion using plasma treatment

    High bonding strength, improved adhesion, and bonding with long-term stability of glass, metal, ceramics, and plastics represent special challenges for the manufacturing industry....
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  • Composites of new materials in 2-component injection molding

    By combining different materials, a product acquires new material characteristics, such as high stiffness and strength, or soft and simultaneously non-slip surfaces. New bonded composites enabled by plasma treatment mean a great expansion of the application areas for all different materials...
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  • Functionalizing surfaces using nanocoating

    The PlasmaPlus® process is used for nanocoating all different types of materials with special substances that are tailor-made for the specific application area. Using plasma jets, the substance is deposited into the nanostructures of the material surface and a highly-effective coating is formed....
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