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Plasmatreat Academy facilities and equipment

Our Academy events take place in a variety of different venues: at our headquarters in Steinhagen, at our international subsidiaries, in hotels and conference centers or even at your company if you wish. This flexible approach ensures that as many interested parties as possible can access our training courses.

In Steinhagen and in our subsidiaries you can see live demonstrations of plasma applications as an Academy participant. The Plasmatreat Technology Center in Steinhagen houses our R&D and Applications Engineering departments on a total floor area of 1400 m². Here you will also find our in-house laboratories and several conference rooms that can accommodate up to 200 people. Seminar rooms and laboratories for practical exercises are also close by – so you can go from theory to practice in just a few steps.

All our seminar and training rooms are attractively furnished, fully air-conditioned and equipped with the latest presentation equipment.

Our laboratories are fitted with a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art equipment. Here we hold superb live demonstrations where you can see for yourself the exciting possibilities of plasma applications.

We have equipped our laboratories with extensive treatment equipment so that we can tailor our activities to your particular issues. New opportunities are constantly emerging as surface functionalization gives rise to new material combinations.

We can perform a wide variety of different tests and trials for activation, cleaning and coating applications to obtain the desired surface characteristics. With laboratories equipped to deal with topics ranging from anticorrosion protection and hybrid adhesive bonds to printing challenging surfaces such as plastics, glass and metals, we are able to simulate customer-specific downstream processes.

We can also recreate various scenarios on the process side: from 6-axis robots for large-scale pretreatments to 2-axis tabletop robots for the reproducible treatment of components. Our Plasma Live table allows us to demonstrate the effectiveness of our surface functionalization on the spot.

When it comes to multicomponent parts, we have various means of simulating plasma-supported adhesive strength. For example, with induction heating we can produce samples made from plastic-metal or rubber-metal compounds. The same laboratory is also available for testing adhesive compounds according to customer specifications.

Our printing workshop is equipped with an industrial printer for processing UV-curing paints and coatings. Here we can demonstrate and test the print adhesion of solvent-free inks as well as the reliable, long-time stable adhesion of print to challenging surfaces such as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyamides (PA), polycarbonate (PC), glass and metal.  

We also provide a broad range of services for analysis and performance monitoring:

Plasmatreat test inks are a very helpful tool for assessing surfaces, quality assurance during production and for determining the exact plasma pretreatment parameters.

We use our contact angle instruments to measure surface energy, which we can divide into polar and disperse fractions. This enables us to provide advice tailored specifically to your components and find tailor-made solutions.

With our fluorescence measurement technology, we can perform contactless surface cleanliness checks – just one way to ensure that your downstream process steps are reproducible.

We can perform rapid adhesion tests using industrial adhesive tapes and polyurethane or epoxy adhesives to demonstrate the improved adhesive strength of the plasma-treated substrates.

We also carry out mechanical strength, simulated ageing and corrosion resistance testing in accordance with DIN standards in-house using our own test equipment. So you can be sure that the surface characteristics you require are achieved.


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