Openair-Plasma® for semiconductor and packaging

Tuesday, 02.03.2021
60 min

Can I substitute the vacuum plasma and its limitations by Openair-Plasma® for semiconductor applications? Yes, of course! Openair-Plasma® atmospheric plasma technology facilitates the selective treatment of electronic components and can be fully integrated into standard in-line processes.


Why should I consider using an Openair-Plasma® process, if my current process is working fine?

Openair-Plasma® has many advantages being:

  • Speed and inline processing
  • Great uniformity regardless of product change
  • Cost benefits (investment and running costs)

This PlasmaTalk will be presented by Nico Coenen, our global BDM for the electronics market.
Topics Covered:

  • Differences vacuum and Openair-Plasma®
    • Which gases are typically used?
    • What cycle times are we talking about
    • Case study on cost of ownership
  • Successful applications:
    • Wire Bonding
    • Die Bonding
    • Pre-Molding
    • Thermal Compress Bonding
    • Reduction of Lead frames

The webinar will run for 40 min plus a Q&A session. If you have a specific request, please email us to in advance of the webinar so we can include it into the program.