Surface Treatment with Openair-Plasma® in Modern Appliance Productions

Wednesday, 12-09-2020
60 min

The products of the appliance industry (for e.g. washing machines, refrigerators, ovens & others) are subject to heavy daily use. Companies need to fulfil consumers' highest demands for quality while adapting to their changing needs. At the same time there is a great cost pressure and to succeed in global competition, engaging high-throughput production technologies have never been that important.

There are many ways where Openair-Plasma® can support you and help you optimize your processes. PlasmaTalk is free of charge. Anja Lömker, Technical Sales Manager at Plasmatreat, and Omar Falconelli, Director Plasmatreat Italia, will explain why surface treatment is that important and why Openair-Plasma® can be considered as a key technology for modern appliance manufacturing.

After participating in this PlasmaTalk you will know more about:

  • Basics of Openair-Plasma® and PlasmaPlus® technology
  • Successful inline solutions that enabled companies to save material costs, to automate their processes and to improve their quality through environmentally friendly surface treatments.

The PlasmaTalk will run for appr. 40 - 60 min. including FAQs. If you have a specific problem or question, please send if in advance to and we will be happy to include it into the program.