Openair-Plasma® for semiconductor and packaging

Tuesday, 03-02-2021
60 min

Can I substitute the vacuum plasma and its limitations by Openair-Plasma® for semiconductor applications? Yes, of course! Openair-Plasma® atmospheric plasma technology facilitates the selective treatment of electronic components and can be fully integrated into standard in-line processes.

Why should I consider using an Openair-Plasma® process, if my current process is working fine?

Openair-Plasma® has many advantages being:

  • Speed and inline processing
  • Great uniformity regardless of product change
  • Cost benefits (investment and running costs)

This PlasmaTalk will be presented by Nico Coenen, our global BDM for the electronics market.
Topics Covered:

  • Differences vacuum and Openair-Plasma®
    • Which gases are typically used?
    • What cycle times are we talking about
    • Case study on cost of ownership
  • Successful applications:
    • Wire Bonding
    • Die Bonding
    • Pre-Molding
    • Thermal Compress Bonding
    • Reduction of Lead frames

The webinar will run for 40 min plus a Q&A session. If you have a specific request, please email us to in advance of the webinar so we can include it into the program.

Nico Coenen

Global Market Segment Manager Electronics

Nico Coenen is the Global Business Development Manager for the Electronics Market within Plasmatreat. With over 25 years of experience in the electronics market he has visited numerous factories all over the world. Working in a global role for companies like Nordson and Mycronic has given him a very broad spectrum of what is happening within the PCBA and semiconductor market.