Plasmatreat laboratory systems to customize surfaces such as plastic, glass or metal

The Plasmatreater AS400 offers optimal conditions for laboratory work. This plasma laboratory system is ideal for determining parameters for plasma cleaningplasma activation and nano-coating (plasma polymerization). All plasma parameters required for the specific process and the desired material properties are evaluated analogous to standard production conditions and in order to be reproducible. Factors, such as speed or distance of plasma jets, are determined by computer and recorded.

Openair-Plasma® Plasmatreater AS 400 plasma laboratory system

Optionally, the AS400 can be extended to include, for example, a thread winder for experiments in the field of textiles or a roller system for experiments with tape stock such as woven goods or films. The point is: production does not need to be stopped for trials at the line.

Areas of application

  • Surface treatment prior to bonding, painting or printing
  • Ultrafine cleaning
  • Activation of polymer surfaces
  • Generation of hydrophobic polymer layers on the surface (corrosion protection, scratch-resistant)
  • Generation of hydrophilic polymer layers on the surface (adhesion improvement)
  • Generation of barrier layers

Jet systems for Plasmatreater AS400

Different jet systems and jet heads are available for customized setting of plasma intensity for the process to be evaluated.

The integrated digital generator technology was developed based on the patented pulse discharge – double resonance principle.

The integrated PFW10 plasma jet allows high process speeds with a treatment width of up to 12 mm.

The components
1 Protective cover
2 Jet system
3 X-Y-Z motion system
4 Control panel
5 Keyboard pullout
6 Software

Optional extras
Larger treatment widths of up to 50 mm can be achieved with the RV1004 rotary adapter through a rotational movement.

Integrated full-fledged plasma generator with fully digital technology
In an industrial system, this generator is able to operate up to 4 jets. All generator functions are controlled by the integrated process control computer; measured values such as current, voltage, frequency, and pulse/pause ratio are logged extensively.

Software of the AS400 to set all important treatment parameters

The laboratory system is controlled via a PC. All settings can be specified so they can be recorded and reproduced, such as:

  • Generator power (voltage, current, frequency, PCT)
  • Air and process gas flow (ionization gas)
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Track pitch
  • Material size
  • Possibility of output of parameter logs
  • Creation of a 3D treatment diagram for setting the optimal process window

With integrated plasma polymerization, the coating parameters are also adjustable:

  • Carrier gas flow
  • Fluid flow (precursor)
  • Vaporizer temperature

AS400 laboratory system for parameter determination

The AS400 is equipped with a X-Y-Z motion system to determine freely configurable treatment parameters, such as treatment densities and maximum track widths, and to precisely set the distances of jets and substrates to the surface.

The treatment speed is infinitely variable between 1 and max. 100 m/min. with a track width adjustable in 1 mm increments. The distance from the jet to the substrate is manually adjustable continuously with a maximum distance of 40 mm.

PlasmaPlus® plasma polymerization with the Plasmatreater AS 400

The Plasmatreater AS400 test system offers unique conditions to produce experimental nano-coatings and functionalized surfaces. For plasma polymerization, a polymerizable coating material (precursor) is added to a refillable tank vessel. This precursor is passed through the vaporization unit and – mixed with a precisely metered carrier gas – supplied to the jet outlet. The most accurate mass flows are ensured by using the integrated mass flow meter in conjunction with the controller. In the standard version, the ionization gases (process gases) compressed air or nitrogen can be used. Other gases available on request.


for the Plasmatreater AS400

  • Automatic adjustment of Z-axis
  • Substrate uptake with vacuum plate
  • Step-like addition to the base plate for different treatment intervals