Desmearing drilled holes with Openair-Plasma®

Peter Langhof - Technischer Vertrieb


Peter Langhof
Technical Sales

The manufacture of printed circuit boards is as diverse as the product itself and the requirements that the product is now required to satisfy. We are currently experiencing an exponential rise in the number of electronic devices on a global scale, be it for entertainment and telecommunications, or the aerospace and automotive industry. The printed circuit board invariably provides the basic structure for the electronic SM components.  A very wide variety of chemical processes are used around the world to manufacture printed circuit boards. The process developed by Plasmatreat can replace a proportion of these manufacturing techniques without using chemicals.

Drilled hole desmearing:

Resin residues can be removed from drilled holes by means of a wet-chemical oxidation process which uses chromic acid, sulfuric acid or permanganate. However, the equipment required for this system takes up a lot of space, especially at high production speeds, and has correspondingly high operating costs.

Plasmatreat systems require a comparatively low energy input because they use only electricity and compressed air. Impurities in the drilled hole are oxidized off, as it were, in a dry chemical process. The waste product is converted into gas and can then be extracted.

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