Plasma for final packaging - ice cream and frozen foods securely packaged

Willy Bader - Consultant Verpackungstechnologie


Willy Bader
Consultant Packaging

Activation and pretreatment of the longitudinal seam of laminated and metallized cartons is today state-of-the-art for folding carton manufacturers. Folding box manufacturers around the world are using the pretreatment technology of Plasmatreat to guarantee the adhesion of adhesive bonds. The final packaging takes place where the products are produced and finally packed into cartons or other package. Particular requirements are applied to frozen products when demanding a safe bond during the final packaging. The bonding area at the loading and removal opening (site flaps) of the package need to be as secure and in the same condition as the longitudinal seam. Therefore, the adhesive tabs are being pretreated by atmospheric plasma within the packaging machine. Depending on the style and structure of the packaging there are up to 3 areas that need to be treated in order to seal the packaging safely.

Packaging machines either work intermittent or continuously with capacities of up to 300 packages per minute. The first Plasmatreat systems are now installed at the end packaging manufacturers. The adhesion to the closing flaps (side flaps) were successfully improved.

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