Standard of Automation: Turnkey plasma cell for ultra-strong hybrid bonds



Christian Buske
Managing Director

After working on the project for more than two years, PLASMATREAT has launched a new system solution for plastic-to-metal bonds in the injection molding process. The solution, which can be integrated into the manufacturing process, promises not only a particularly strong, media-tight adhesive bond, it is also corrosion-proof, very environmentally friendly and significantly more efficient than the processes currently on the market, such as the application of adhesion promoters.

The technology was presented to an international audience for the first time at the › K-2016 ‹ under the name Plasma SealTight® using a stainless-steel coat hook oversprayed with PA6 GF30 as a demonstrator.  At the heart of the overall production unit is the newly developed PTU1212 turnkey plasma production cell with integrated KUKA robot. After microfine cleaning the metal components with Openair-Plasma®, an adhesion-promoting plasma-polymer layer is applied using a second static nozzle to create a covalent bond between the different materials. This layer bonds with the metal at molecular level, forming such a strong adhesive bond and tight seal with the plastic compound that it takes on the function of an anticorrosive coating.

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