Openair-Plasma® for TFT potting

Peter Langhof - Technischer Vertrieb


Peter Langhof
Technical Sales

Touch screens in the automobile have been an indispensable standard for a long time.

Information about the vehicle, navigation system, GSM data and many other information are thus provided to the driver. As with other interior parts the highest demands are placed on quality and function. The encapsulation between the cover glass and the TFT screen must be absolutely free of bubbles and ensure a good adhesion. In order to ensure this process, it is necessary to have a very clean surface with the highest possible surface energy. This is achieved by Palmatreat's atmospheric plasma technology.

The plasma takes two tasks in one pass. On the one hand the surface is nano-cleaned while the second is simultaneously activated in such a way that a surface tension of > 72 mN / m is achieved.

Since the screens are often produced in large numbers fully automatic production lines are established. Here the inline-functionality of Openair-Plasma® systems is also a great advantage. The plasma nozzles can be mounted on robotic or axis systems so that fully automatic, reproducible processes are possible. The integrated monitoring functions ensure the quality of the plasma as well as of the product to be treated.

As a result the Plasmatreat process makes it possible to produce a high-quality product in series while fully automated.


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