Hardware components of the Plasmatreater AS400 plasma laboratory system

Nozzle systems for Plasmatreater AS400

Different nozzle systems and nozzle heads are available for customized setting of plasma intensity for the process to be evaluated.

The integrated digital generator technology was developed based on the patented pulse discharge - double resonance principle.

The integrated PFW10 plasma nozzle allows high process speeds with a treatment width of up to 12 mm

The components:
1 Protective cover
2 Nozzle system
3 X-Y-Z motion system
4 Control panel
5 Keyboard pullout
6 Software

Optional extras: Larger treatment widths of up to 50 mm can be achieved with the RV1004 rotary adapter through a rotational movement.

Integrated full-fledged plasma generator with fully digital technology

In an industrial system, this generator is able to operate up to 4 nozzles. All generator functions are controlled by the integrated process control computer; measured values such as current, voltage, frequency, and pulse/pause ratio are logged extensively.

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