Air, sea or land – Openair® Plasma opens up new production routes in the transport industry

Transport is an industry where Openair® Plasma can display the full breadth of its application possibilities. In aircraft and aerospace manufacturing, atmospheric plasma pretreatment enables the use of completely new material combinations. In shipbuilding, pretreatment can take place directly in the shipyard thanks to Openair® plasma technology. Truck and trailer superstructures gain extra structural integrity and durability thanks to plasma activation of substrates before bonding. And the integration of Openair® plasma in two-wheeler manufacturing can eliminate entire production steps.
  • Aircraft construction – efficient pretreatment with atmospheric plasma

    Surface treatment with Openair® Plasma in aircraft construction is an innovation driver that offers many outstanding advantages...
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  • Shipbuilding – plasma pretreatment of fully assembled components under atmospheric conditions

    Corrosion protection, lightweight construction and insulation are the most demanding challenges in shipbuilding. Here plasma technology opens whole new options...
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  • Trucks/trailers/mobile homes – structural bonding without using environmentally damaging primers

    In truck manufacturing, Openair® Plasma treatment for surface activation successfully replaces conventional pretreatment...
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  • Two-wheelers/motorcycles – process optimization for primerless painting in motorcycle manufacture

    Plasma pretreatment replaces flame treatment, and greater activation of surface tension is achieved without attacking the fiber structure. This means primer does not have to be applied either...
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Press publications

Cover story:
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IST (International Surface Technology 1[3]/2017)
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Yesterday, today, tomorrow – CEO Christian Buske in an interview with the journal DICHT!

DICHT! (Nr. 4[11]/2016)
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