Topic: Plasma adhesive bonding technique: Plasma as adhesion promoter. Better adhesion capability. Better bonding strength using surface modification. Adhesion improvement for bonding plastics and metal.

Plasma adhesive bonding technique: adhesion improvement for secure, durable bonding of plastics and metals

Without plasma surface treatment, many materials like polypropylene (PP), polyether ether ketone (PEEK) or polyoxymethylene (POM) cannot be bonded at all or bonded only poorly. High bonding strength and durable bonding of glass, metal, ceramic and plastics present special challenges for the manufacturing industry.
Adhesion improvement via surface modification using Openair® plasma treatment with simultaneous ultrafine cleaning produces better adhesion capability and bonding strength on the surfaces to be joined.

Successful in countless application areas – better structural and composite bonding with plasma as adhesion promoter

There are a number of highly successful Openair® plasma applications for bonding plastics in the automobile industry alone:

Structural bonding: plasma adhesive bonding technique for refrigerator truck superstructures in vehicle manufacturing
This application involves structural bonding of panel components. Openair® plasma pretreatment provides for improved adhesion capability on the surfaces to be joined and replaces all conventional cleaning or pretreatment processes.

Plasma adhesion improvement for modern automobile headlamps
For the first time, the use of Openair® plasma makes possible secure processing of the newly developed warm-melt 1-component PUR adhesives on nonpolar plastics (polypropylene). Openair® plasma surface treatment creates the required high surface tension on the materials to be bonded.

Bonding EPDM: Adhesion improvement for EPDM extrusion profiles
Previously, it was necessary to roughen EPDM profiles with rotating wire brushes during the process. Today Openair® plasma has established itself as the "state of the art" before application of flock adhesives or anti-friction coatings, especially in the automotive industry, because of the highly-effective and yet non-coating process.

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A perfect connection

As a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives, DELO has profited from many years of cooperation with  Plasmatreat.

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Schmitz Cargobull AG

Structural Bonding

Extreme adhesion, the highest seal integrity, and the best possible environmental protection – all this was required to build a new bonding system. Today, over 15,000 Openair® plasma-treated refrigerated trucks roll off the line annually at Europe’s largest trailer manufacturer.

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