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Gas plasma is a powerful tool allowing for molecular engineering of materials to impart unique surface properties, without affecting the bulk properties. Considerations in creating a plasma include power delivery, gas or vapor composition, or unique chamber configuration and design. Plasma systems exist that enable both facile batch processing or in-line treatments.

The technology is a critical design tool for many industries such as aerospace and defense, life sciences, electronics, semi-conductor, and automotive. Use of the technology allows for increase in throughput at a reduced cost.

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Openair® plasma improves adhesion of LSR to medical grade polymer substrate materials

Moderation: Jeff Leighty

New, highly engineered polymers present a significant challenge for silicone rubber adhesion. Plasmatreat presents a unique, simple solution to these challenges. This webinar covers the issues with LSR overmolding on difficult-to-bond substrates, current approaches and how atmospheric plasma treatment can improve adhesion, simplify the process and minimize labor and material costs.

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Hantel Technologies:
Plasma Surface Modification for the Life Sciences Industry

Moderation: Mikki Larner, Plasma Technology Systems

Gas Plasma is a powerful method for molecular reengineering of materials to impart unique surface properties...

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Micronora 2016
International microtechnology and precision trade fair

September 27 – 30, 2016
Micropolis / Parc des Expositions
Besancon Cedex, France

Material World Osaka 2016
Highly-functional Material World, Osaka 2016

October 5 – 7, 2016
Hall 6, Booth A-S-488
Intex Osaka, Japan