PR: Plasmatreat Italia to showcase cutting-edge atmospheric pressure plasma technology

At E-Tech Europe 2024 the focus will be on surface treatment for battery, eMobility, and renewable energy

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Plasmatreat Italia, a subsidiary of the Plasmatreat GmbH, the leading manufacturer and supplier of plasma technology solutions, is excited to announce its participation at the upcoming E-Tech Show in Bologna. The event will take place from May 7- 8, 2024 and will bring together industry experts and innovators in the fields of battery technology, eMobility, and renewable energy. In hall 21, at booth A39-B40 the company will showcase how surface treatment with plasma technology revolutionizes production processes.

The ground-breaking Openair-Plasma technology opens up manufacturers of e.g. batteries, equipment for emobility or e.g. solar panels or wind power stations new possibility for cleaning, activation and coating. A pretreatment (activation of polymers and cleaning of metals) before bonding, lacquering, printing, foiling or gasketing is essential for long-lasting end products and high product quality. With a focus on improving performance, efficiency, and sustainability, Plasmatreat's plasma systems offer a wide range of benefits for manufacturers looking to stay ahead in these rapidly evolving industries.

"We are thrilled to be participating in the E-Tech Show and to have the opportunity to showcase our revolutionized plasma technology solutions for battery, eMobility, and renewable energy applications," said Omar Falconelli, General Manager at Plasmatreat Italia. "Our innovative plasma systems have various benefits to other pretreatment methods: it is inline usable, selective, but as well can be used over the entire surface. Moreover, it is a dry process and not wet-chemicals or solvents are needed anymore. By using only compressed air and electricity it is an environmentally friendly surface treatment technology, with which the reduction of VOCs and CO2 is possible in production processes.”

What visitors can expect at the Plasmatreat booth:
This year's focus will be on demonstrating the versatility and benefits of Openair-Plasma technology in various applications for batteries, powertrain components and electronic systems, whether in assembly, corrosion protection, painting, dielectric film insulation and more. Visitors will have the opportunity to see a forming cell equipped with Scara robotics for the pre-treatment of prismatic and cylindrical cells. The unit will be equipped with a new generator from the 8000 series, designed for maximum flexibility of operation, the RD2010 rotation plasma jet for treatment widths up to 120mm in a single pass, and the well-known RD1004 single rotation nozzle.“Atmospheric pressure plasma has various fields of applications and we have several systems for cleaning solar panels and batteries or activation and coating wind power stations. Our systems can help companies achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity while reducing their environmental impact in their production processes.”, explains Falconelli in conclusion.