PT-Bond technology for modifying difficult-to-bond materials to achieve high strength and weather resistance

Wednesday, 29.05.2024
50 min

New materials are being introduced at an increasing rate to meet a variety of market demands for improved product performance, greater functionality, and lighter weight versus stronger products.

As a result, many manufacturing industries are facing increasing adhesion and bonding challenges. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have been used as precursors, but they do not contribute to the mechanism of maintaining bond strength and have many disadvantages in terms of cost and management. In addition, regulations are becoming more stringent due to their impact on human health and the environment.

PlasmaPlus® coating technology is a nano-coating technology that forms thin films on the surface of any material, including plastic, glass and metal, based on Openair-Plasma® atmospheric pressure plasma technology, which is already widely used in adhesive applications. The technology is based on Openair-Plasma® technology. It has been introduced as a surface coating technology for various industrial applications, such as difficult-to-bond materials or as a pre-treatment for adhesives to increase bond strength and weather resistance. Since the technology does not require a curing or drying process, it can be in-line and automated so that the next process, such as bonding or joining, can be performed immediately after the surface treatment. In addition, the large amount of energy required for drying can be reduced.

In this PlasmaTalk, we will introduce you to PlasmaPlus® and the many benefits of using PlasmaPlus® nano-coating through real-world application examples. We will introduce you to PlasmaPlus® and the many benefits of using PlasmaPlus® nano-coating with real-world application examples. If you are working with difficult-to-bond materials, looking for a high-strength bonding solution, or have any other bonding issues, please join us for this event.

Webinar Topics:

  •     Cases where atmospheric plasma alone is not enough
  •     What is PlasmaPlus® nanocoating technology?
  •     Applicable Materials for PlasmaPlus® technology
  •     Benefits of adhesion and bonding with PT-Bond
  •     Actual PT-Bond application examples

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Wednesday, 29.05.2024 - 15:00
Online (日本語)


Hisanori Miyoshi

Sales Representative & Presales Consultant for Applications