Customized Surface Treatments using Atmospheric Plasma and Low-Pressure Plasma

Plasma pretreatment is the key enabler technology for microfine cleaning, surface activation and plasma coating of nearly all kinds of materials – from plastics, metals and glass to cardboard, textiles and composites. More and more conventional industrial pretreatment methods are being replaced by plasma technology in order to make processes more effective and environmentally friendly.

Innovation is pivotal to what we do. Every day we work on developing new and creative solutions to meet our customers’ challenges. Plasmatreat offers a broad spectrum of plasma systems and equipment for atmospheric plasma processes (Openair-Plasma®) and for low-pressure plasma technology (Aurora). With our own technology centers and sales teams at 34 different locations around the world, the Plasmatreat group has a global presence.

Backed by 20 years of experience, we can say with conviction that the future belongs to Plasma. The potential for application of plasma technology is virtually inexhaustible.

  • NEWS

    Plasma presents an opportunity in the corona crisis

    During the current global pandemic, protective face masks and suits are in short supply – with the plasma disinfection process, previously used facemasks can be disinfected quickly and with little effort and then used again.
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  • Solutions for Industries

    Plasma processes for nearly all industry sectors

    Plasma surface treatments are in use in almost all industry sectors around the world – from automotive, shipbuilding and aircraft manufacture, medical and packaging technologies through to electronics, consumer goods and textiles.
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  • Plasmatreat offers new online service "Book a demo” to customers

    To promote the use of plasma technology within the electronics manufacturing industry, Plasmatreat USA, Inc. is launching a new online service for interested parties and existing customers. This service intents to make it as easy as possible to start using Openair-Plasma® and to show its benefits with a short demonstration.

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  • Plasma Technology

    Atmospheric Plasma and Low-pressure Plasma

    With our Openair-Plasma® process and the Aurora Low-Pressure Plasma process we can shape our customers’ manufacturing processes for enhanced sustainability, economy and efficiency. Many complex and pollutive chemical processes in industry can be replaced by plasma technology.
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    Shanghai – San Francisco – Tokyo – Steinhagen

    Plasmatreat – the international market leader in atmospheric plasma technology symbolizes global expertise in surface technology. Join us on an inspirational video tour round the world, starting from Steinhagen.
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  • Research & Development

    For completely new surfaces and processes

    More than 10% of Plasmatreat’s employees work in research and development. Innovation is a central focus of all that we do at Plasmatreat. The development of new plasma technologies and applications has always been and will remain our core purpose.
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