Industrial Partners

Krauss-Maffei plastics engineering

Krauss-Maffei, a leading plastic machine manufacturer, has succeeded in opening up completely new applications by integrating this innovative plasma process technology, for example, in their two-component injection molding processes. Innovative addition

Miele & Cie. KG

World-renowned German appliances manufacturer Miele demands the best in the adhesive behavior of seals for its heat pumps and condenser dryers. Treatment of plastic parts with Openair-Plasma® ensures a service life of at least 20 years for their dryers. Quality assurance for tumble dryers using plasma


As an independent research provider, NanoCraft examined the systems developed by Plasmatreat on behalf of our clients. Coil coating – “very good” test results


To increase production of its sensors for the automobile industry and machine building, Novotechnik changed its surface treatment technology. Instead of low pressure plasma and vacuum chambers, a shift was made to inline Openair-Plasma®, which tripled throughput. Openair-Plasma® – prerequisite for reliable distance and angle sensors

Peguform GmbH

Peguform pretreats the instrument panels for Audi Q5 off-road vehicles with Openair-Plasma® instead of the usual flame processing. The selectively applied “cold” plasma jet eliminates the need for masking, while simultaneously protecting the plastic from overheating Plasma Instead of Flame

RAMPF Production Systems

When complex components are bonded, sealed or cast, very dissimilar materials may be involved. Even plastic-on-plastic is not always easy to join. Plasma treatment – automated component of the dispensing system

Rohde & Schwarz

When changes to the plastic blend unexpectedly caused the conformal coating protecting electronic components in an aircraft radio to lift, pretreatment with potential-free Openair-Plasma® proved the only possible solution to ensure the necessary long-term adhesion. Sophisticated pretreatment solutions for the avionics industry


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