Industrial Partners

Peguform GmbH

Peguform pretreats the instrument panels for Audi Q5 off-road vehicles with Openair-Plasma® instead of the usual flame processing. The selectively applied “cold” plasma jet eliminates the need for masking, while simultaneously protecting the plastic from overheating Plasma Instead of Flame

RAMPF Production Systems

When complex components are bonded, sealed or cast, very dissimilar materials may be involved. Even plastic-on-plastic is not always easy to join. Plasma treatment – automated component of the dispensing system

Rohde & Schwarz

When changes to the plastic blend unexpectedly caused the conformal coating protecting electronic components in an aircraft radio to lift, pretreatment with potential-free Openair-Plasma® proved the only possible solution to ensure the necessary long-term adhesion. Sophisticated pretreatment solutions for the avionics industry

Schmitz Cargobull AG

Extreme adhesion, the highest seal integrity, and the best possible environmental protection – all this was required to build a new bonding system. Today, over 15,000 Openair-Plasma®-treated refrigerated trucks roll off the line annually at Europe’s largest trailer manufacturer. Structural Bonding

SIKA Deutschland

A leader in the adhesive and sealant industry, SIKA Deutschland has worked together with Plasmatreat in the last few years to develop a number of groundbreaking adhesive projects that have been brought to standard production maturity. Best results on critical substrate

STX France SA

Openair-Plasma® technology has proven to be the only practical surface treatment for bonding insulating panels in the manufacture of three liquefied natural gas supertankers. An area of 12,000 m² per tanker had to be treated, and achieving 100% seal integrity of the insulation was an absolute necessity. Large-scale surface treatment

Tampoprint AG

Tampoprint AG was entrusted with the assignment of developing and building fully-automated pad printing for 5-color printing (screen illustration printing) on mint boxes, with an hourly output of 1800 units. A matter of precision


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