Avoiding bondline corrosion with PlasmaPlus®

Tuesday, 03-21-2023
60 min

The passivation of aluminum and other metals must pass up to 1200 hours of salt spray testing (DIN EN ISO 9227) or PV1209. How do you achieve this without using harmful chemicals.

To protect your product against external influences, the pretreatment of the sealing surface is crucial. Generally, the first step is to clean the metal surface with Openair-Plasma® which removes organic contaminants such as oil.  Additionally, the oxide layer of the metal is modified and activated to ensure a strong adhesive bond.

In addition to compressed air and electricity, which are the components of the Openair-Plasma® process, the PlasmaPlus® technology uses additionally a very small amount of precursor to deposit an organic silica coating. The PlasmaPlus® method can be used to avoid corrosion different metals such as aluminum die cast, magnesium, wrought aluminum, copper, steel. Due to the excellent thin-film performance and the selective coating options, this AntiCorr® coating is many times more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than conventional passivation processes.

The result is, for example, an extremely reliable and durable corrosion protection seal (AntiCorr®) against environmental influences such as warm, humid climates, splash water or salt spray. By using this innovative technology, you can avoid complete passivation of your die cast parts and focus only on the neuralgic areas.

In this free of charge PlasmaTalk Lukas Buske, Head of Plasma Applications, will explain how Openair-Plasma® works and you will be able to evaluate how plasma optimizes your production process and how it helps you manufacture a durable, as well as safe, product.

After participating in this PlasmaTalk you will know more about:

  • cleaning and removing fine organic contaminants from metals
  • modifications of the oxide layers and activation due to plasma
  • Plasma coatings to protect against corrosion
  • How to pass well known climate test such as the LV124, PV1209 or other Cycling Corrosion test’s
  • Benefits of the anticorrosion coating with atmospheric pressure plasma
  • Full quality control for inline integration
  • Dramatic cost savings compared with alternative solutions

The PlasmaTalk will run for appr. 40 - 60 min. including FAQs. If you have a specific problem or question, please send it in advance to academy@plasmatreat.com and we will be happy to include it into the program.