Environmentally friendly processes by reducing VOC and CO2 using Openair-Plasma®

Tuesday, 10-10-2023
60 min

Climate protection regulations, which have become more stringent in the past years, present new challenges to industries. Many industries rely on pretreatment with primers or flame to manufacture their products. However, the use of solvent-based products results in emissions of volatile organic compounds, or VOC for short, and is detrimental to global climate and, not least, human health. Openair-Plasma® offers a future-proof alternative for the surface pretreatment of plastics. By using Openair-Plasma®, a modification of the surface is achieved, allowing adhesives, paints and other coating materials to be bonded without the use of chemical primers and without emitting any CO2.

In this PlasmaTalk, Dr. Alexander Knospe, Head of Innovation Management and Patents, explains how Openair-Plasma® pretreatment of plastics and other materials can make a significant contribution to environmental protection. He presents the CO2 and VOC emission of various processes and solutions to reduce them.

After attending this PlasmaTalk, you will know more about:

  • Surface modification using Openair-Plasma® 
  • Possibilities for solvent-free pretreatment of various materials with Openair-Plasma® 
  • Cost advantages through efficient and environmentally friendly production 
  • Future possibilities for sustainable Plasma treatment

This no-charge PlasmaTalk is aimed at research, development and quality control personnel as well as designers, process engineers and operators of production equipment in industrial processes.

The PlasmaTalk will last approximately 40-60 minutes plus a question-and-answer session. If you have a specific question, please send it in advance to academy@plasmatreat.com so that we can incorporate it into the program.

Please note that due to our international audience, we provide the time slot in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Please check your time zone using the time calculator below (TimeCalc).

This PlasmaTalk will also be held in German at 12 noon. Click here to register.