EV Battery Applications - Openair-Plasma® Technology for stable processes and durable modules - for the US

Tuesday, 04-20-2021
60 min

Following the trends of modern mobility, the requirements for EV batteries are increasing both in the area of assembly and in terms of durability, weather resistance and temperature management. Here, adhesive bonding technology plays an important role, be it prismatic cells, pouch cells or cylindrical cells.

Fast and reliable inline pretreatment of surfaces is a prerequisite for achieving the best possible bonds. Learn more about Openair-Plasma® and its advantages:

  • Optimizing bonding topics during the module assembly processes for efficient thermal management and reliable electrical isolation
  • Solving issues by cleaning or activating surfaces
  • Widening process windows with proper pretreatment
  • Dissolving electrical potential issues, when treating the anode of cylindrical batteries before wire bonding
  • Avoiding bondline corrosion to protect the complete battery tray against any critical environment
  • Offering (or securing) a fully automated and controlled inline processes


In this free of charge PlasmaTalk Tim Smith will showcase the main benefits of using Openair-Plasma® applications during the battery assembly process. Activation and cleaning of surfaces during production of battery cells and housings are the key to high product quality and reliability.

The webinar will run for between 40 - 60 min including a question and answer session. If you have a specific problem or question then please send your question in advance of the webinar to academy@plasmatreat.com so we can include it in the program.