High quality printing needs good surface pretreatment to last

Tuesday, 03-28-2023
60 min

A major challenge is the printing of non-polar substrates such as plastics and demanding materials such as metal. Achieving certain fastness characteristics was previously only possible with solvent-based ink systems, e.g. in terms of rub resistance, grease resistance and paint fastness.


In contrast, Openair-Plasma® treatment is an environmentally friendly and economic process for increasing wettability and adhesion. The Plasmatreat process combines various effects in one treatment step, such as the cleaning of organic residues (ultrafine cleaning), the chemical-physical modification of the surface and the activation of the surface for further work steps.

Another focus is the adhesion improvement by chemical functionalization of surfaces. Plasma polymerization with the PlasmaPlus® process is already being used successfully as adhesion promotor for inks, adhesives and coatings in different industrial applications.

In this PlasmaTalk, Bas Buser, our consultant and former Global Market Segment Manager Printing Applications at Plasmatreat, explains how you achieve stable printing results on many different materials - without using primers.

After participating in PlasmaTalk " High quality printing needs good surface pretreatment to last" you will know more about:

Topics covered:

  • Adhesion improvements of ink on several materials - even on recycled ones
  • Extremely durable: improved adhesion equates to enhanced moisture and scratch resistance
  • Environmentally friendly inline process with a maximum of process control
  • Significant savings on inks/raw materials
  • PlasmaPlus® Coating for printing Glass, Metal and other materials
  • Practical examples

This no-charge PlasmaTalk is aimed at research, development and quality control personnel as well as designers, process engineers and operators of production equipment in industrial processes.

The PlasmaTalk will last approximately 40-60 minutes plus a question-and-answer session.
If you have a specific question, please send it in advance to academy@plasmatreat.de so that we can incorporate it into the program.

Please note that due to our international audience, we provide the time slot in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
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