Revolutionizing the opportunities by inline metal oxide reduction using Openair-Plasma®

Tuesday, 11-28-2023
60 min

The use of metals plays a major role in the manufacture of electronic components. A disadvantage, however, is the natural oxidation of the surface when exposed to humidity and heat. Oxidized and contaminated surfaces can lead to insufficient adhesion during further processing or to interruptions in electrical contacts.

To meet the challenges of the growing demand for even smaller and more powerful electronics, Openair-Plasma® treatment opens up new possibilities through environmentally friendly oxide reduction.

Join our next PlasmaTalk to discover how plasma treatment optimizes adhesion properties and promotes reliable adhesion in subsequent processes, effectively reducing defects, delamination and product failures.

Nico Coenen, Global Director Electronics Market at Plasmatreat, will explain how Openair-Plasma® works and how it effectively removes oxide layers without the need of environmentally harmful formic or citric acids. This process employs a combination of nitrogen and hydrogen, eliminating the requirement for flux. The concept of flux-free soldering can also be used in many other processes where metal oxides need to be removed, such as pre-sintering, die bonding, wire bonding and flux-free thermocompression bonding. 

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Allow approximately 40-60 minutes for PlasmaTalk. The exact duration is not predictable. This is due to the Q&A session, so come along and bring your questions. Feel free to send specific questions in advance to