Long-term stable adhesion of PSA adhesive tapes to surfaces thanks to Openair-Plasma® technology

Tuesday, 08-29-2023
60 min

In today's world, it's hard to imagine a world without adhesives and bonded connections - whether in your personal or professional life, you've bonded things together or fastened them with (double-sided) adhesive tape. At first glance, the process doesn't seem very challenging - but looks are deceiving:

PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives) tapes for industrial applications in particular come in a wide variety of types and chemical compositions. Because of the different compositions, the reactions to loads, temperatures or environmental changes are just as different. The selection and application of the correct adhesive tape is determined not only by the chemical composition, but also by the bonding geometry and the surface properties of the substrate. Surface pretreatment is usually essential to achieve optimum adhesion and high product quality.

Join this PlasmaTalk and find out which tapes are suitable for your application.

Andreas Benz, CEO of Volz Selbstklebetechnik GmbH, will introduce you to the different types and applications of PSA tapes. By using plasma surface treatment, Tanja Pawlenko, Technical Sales Manager at Plasmatreat, creates the bond between the substrate and the tapes. This ensures long-term, stable adhesion between the tape and the substrate.

Learn how Openair Plasma® technology can optimize the application even for components made of recycled materials and the resulting different surface properties.

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Allow approximately 40-60 minutes for PlasmaTalk. The exact duration is not predictable. This is due to the Q&A session, so come along and bring your questions. Feel free to send specific questions in advance to academy@plasmatreat.com. Note that the times are in UTC, please check your time zone.

This PlasmaTalk will also be held in German at 12 noon. Click here to register.