Nano-coatings in Electronic Manufacturing using Openair-Plasma® Technology

Tuesday, 11-30-2021
60 min

Are you looking for a corrosion protection, a barrier coating or seeking to increase the electrical insulation for your electronic components? If you require nano-coating effects but want to avoid the high limitations of plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) in a vacuum chamber such as e.g costs of process, equipment investment, its temperature load on the substrate or its total process time, you should join our PlasmaTalk.

In fact, nano-coatings can also be applied with atmospheric plasma!  Our PlasmaPlus® technology offers reliable and effective nano-coatings and can be integrated easy in production lines, because it works with atmospheric pressure plasma and not with vaccum. In addition to lower equipment investment compared to the vacuum chamber, this also leads to a noticeably lower overall process time.

Another big advantage of Openair-Plasma versus vacuum is the flexibility and capability to integrate the process inline.

In this PlasmaTalk, Nico Coenen and Dhia Ben Salem, PhD will set a focus on nano-coatings applied by PlasmaPlus® within electronic applications. In this context, they will touch base on real application examples.

After participating in this PlasmaTalk you will know more about:

  •     How to apply Nano-Coatings with Openair-Plasma®
  •     Characteristics of the Nano Coatings we offer, as
  •     Corrosion protection
  •     Barrier coatings
  •     Coating to increase the electrical insulation

This no-charge PlasmaTalk is aimed at design engineers and process engineers who want concrete and technical information. And who want to find out if and how plasma would be interesting for their production.

The PlasmaTalk will run for appr. 40 - 60 min. including FAQs. If you have a specific problem or question, please send your question in advance to and we will be happy to include it into the program.