Openair-Plasma® and PlasmaPlus® on Metals – a perfect match!

Tuesday, 10-24-2023 - Wednesday, 10-25-2023
60 min

Metals come into play when high mechanical strength, durability and longevity are required in products. Depending on the application and requirement, the different metal types are then used, whether it be steel, aluminum or copper. These must be protected against environmental influences, painted or even bonded.

The surface and its pretreatment play a decisive role in successfully meeting these requirements in the long term. In addition, different industrial applications pose special challenges in terms of cycle time, purity, and quality control. Openair-Plasma® and PlasmaPlus® offer a wide range of possibilities here, whereby the surface properties of the metals, such as roughness, oxide layers and contamination, must be considered.

Tim Smith, CTO of Plasmatreat North America, will explain how Openair-Plasma® and PlasmaPlus® works and what the plasma does to the substrate, with a focus on metal applications. You will be able to assess how Plasma technology can optimize your production process and how it can help you produce a durable and safe product.

After attending this PlasmaTalk you will know more about:

  • Effect of Openair-Plasma® on metal surfaces like steel, aluminum, and copper
  • Cleaning and elimination of fine organic contamination
  • Modification of oxide layers using Plasma
  • Measuring methods to analyze metal surfaces
  • PlasmaPlus® coatings for corrosion protection or bonding

This no-charge PlasmaTalk is aimed at research, development, and quality control personnel as well as designers, process engineers and operators of production equipment in industrial processes.

The PlasmaTalk will last approximately 40-60 minutes plus a question-and-answer session. If you have a specific question, please send it in advance to so that we can incorporate it into the program.