Openair-Plasma® enables strong, resistant and sustainable applications in the building industry

Tuesday, 05-24-2022
60 min

Sustainable building will become one of the most outstanding tasks of our time. Whether it is the minimization of energy requirements in the utilization phase, the inclusion of renewable energies, the avoidance of unnecessary surface sealing or the use of sustainably produced and renewable raw materials.

Here, Openair-Plasma® can help to make products more weather-resistant and environmentally friendly. Plasma surface treatment can help expanding the material pool you can source from and enables you to compensate fluctuations in your incoming material quality.

In this free PlasmaTalk, Thomas Markert uses best practices to explain how plasma helps secure critical connections, treat complex geometries and protect harsh environmental conditions. Learn more about Openair Plasma® and its benefits:

  • Optimization of bonding issues by cleaning and activating surfaces
  • Explanation of the Openair-Plasma® Technology
  • Enabling reliable connections of different materials that withstand extreme conditions
  • Why Openair-Plasma® contributes to issues like VOC-free and CO2-reduction
  • Diversified overview and examples of applications
  • What developments can be expected in the future

This no-charge PlasmaTalk is aimed at research, development and quality control personnel as well as designers, process engineers and operators of production equipment in industrial processes.

The PlasmaTalk will last approximately 40-60 minutes plus a question-and-answer session. If you have a specific question, please send it in advance to so that we can incorporate it into the program.

Please note that due to our international audience, we provide the time slot in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Please check your time zone using the time calculator below (TimeCalc).