Openair-Plasma® technology for bonding solutions in Panel Production

Tuesday, 04-13-2021
60 min

Would you like to optimize the adhesion in panel production? Standardize and automate processes and improve product quality at the same time? Replace all primer applications and reduce VOC emissions?

This free of charge PlasmaTalk focuses on how atmospheric plasma technology provides bonding solutions in panel productions. Andrew Nixon, Sales Manager at Plasmatreat United Kingdom, will explain the Openair-Plasma® technology for panel applications which is the most important process step in several production technologies such as bonding, printing or painting.

In this process, a wide area pretreatment at high speed is absolutely essential for reliable bonding of the composite elements and painting on non-polar materials. The plasma technology offers fast and efficient surface treatment on a wide range of substrates such as metals, plastics, elastomers, glass and even more.

Our PlasmaTalk „Openair-Plasma® technology for bonding solutions in Panel Production“ covers:

  • Reliable bonding and cost-efficient production with Openair-Plasma®
  • Examples of different production processes and substrates which can be pretreated with the plasma technology
  • How to improve the bond strength
  • How inline plasma systems open up possibilities for cost-effective manufacturing of composite panels


This PlasmaTalk is aimed at all employees in development, laboratories as well as users and operators which are involved in bonding processes for panel applications.

The PlasmaTalk will run for 40 min plus a question and answer session. If you have a specific request, please email us to in advance of the PlasmaTalk so we can include it in the program.