Optimized car exterior parts by using Openair-Plasma® for surface pretreatment

Tuesday, 09-19-2023
60 min

Almost every day, the automotive industry faces new challenges. In addition to the right combination of design, functionality, performance and durability, the focus is on new material compounds, CO2 and VOC reduction and the use of recycled materials. This variety of materials brings along very different surface qualities. Here, plasma pretreatment is considered a key technology in order to achieve stable material combinations and high-quality surfaces with secure adhesion.

Whether it is surface activation for weather-resistant adhesion before painting car door handles or fenders, ultra-fine cleaning of aluminum frames for waterproof bonding of glass sunroofs, or nanocoating in the PlasmaPlus® process for highly effective functional coatings: Plasma technology is already used in more than 100 automotive interior and exterior applications.

Join this PlasmaTalk and find out which of your applications can be optimized by Openair-Plasma®.

Take the opportunity and learn about the versatility of use plasma pretreatment offers. Moreover, it is the environmentally friendly alternative to long existing surface treatment methods. Nicolò Frezza, Application Engineer at Plasmatreat Italia, will give you an overview over Plasma surface treatment as well as practical examples.

Learn how Openair Plasma® technology can optimize the application even for components made of recycled materials and the resulting different surface properties.
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Allow approximately 40-60 minutes for PlasmaTalk. The exact duration is not predictable. This is due to the Q&A session, so come along and bring your questions. Feel free to send specific questions in advance to academy@plasmatreat.com.