Overcoming electronics manufacturing challenges with the REDOX-Tool

Tuesday, 06-25-2024
60 min

Are you struggling with the challenges posed by the growing demand for ever smaller and more powerful electronics? Dive into an exclusive PlasmaTalk where Plasmatreat's electronics expert, Nico Coenen, will unravel the intricacies of addressing these pressing issues.

As the electronics industry evolves, manufacturers face a myriad of challenges resulting from the relentless drive for miniaturization and increased performance. The use of metals in manufacturing processes, while essential, introduces complexities such as surface oxidation that can compromise adhesion and electrical contacts.

Presenting solutions to current developments in semiconductor manufacturing:

  • Miniaturization: The drive towards smaller and more powerful electronic assemblies, influenced by 5G and beyond technologies, presents technical hurdles in component size and pitch.
  • Reduced bump pitch: Shrinking component sizes require tighter ball lead spacing, increasing soldering and assembly complexity.
  • Flux Usage Issues: Fluxes are used to improve surface wettability and remove oxides, but as component sizes shrink, managing residual flux becomes a challenge.
  • Residue issues: Flux residue left behind can interfere with underfill adhesion, affecting performance, reliability,
  • and thermal conductivity.
  • Outgassing and Voids: Flux residues can outgas and form voids in solder joints, affecting electrical performance and long-term reliability.
  • Cleaning Challenges: Traditional cleaning methods struggle to effectively remove flux residues from smaller components and ball joints, risking damage to delicate parts.

Presenting solutions to current developments in Power electronics:

  • High Efficiency: is required to minimize energy loss and heat generation.
  • High Power Density: is essential to reduce size and weight
  • Reliability and durability: is needed to ensure long term operation, even under harsh conditions
  • Thermal Management: is critical to prevent overheating and ensuring stable operations
  • Cost-Effectiveness: balancing performance and cost to make the technology available for commercial applications

To meet these challenges and embrace technology trends, companies must adopt innovative soldering and assembly techniques. Join us as we explore how advances in manufacturing technologies and materials, including the revolutionary Redox tool, are essential to meeting the demand for more compact electronics.

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Nico Coenen

Global Market Segment Manager Electronics

Nico Coenen is the Global Business Development Manager for the Electronics Market within Plasmatreat. With over 25 years of experience in the electronics market he has visited numerous factories all over the world. Working in a global role for companies like Nordson and Mycronic has given him a very broad spectrum of what is happening within the PCBA and semiconductor market.