PT Bond and adhesion to lacquer

Tuesday, 05-09-2023
60 min

Adhesive bonding technology is considered the joining technology of the 21st century. It enables different materials and components to be permanently bonded and can also protect against environmental influences. To achieve the desired durability, however, solvent-based primers are still often used today, the disposition of which and also their production, transport, storage and use have negative impacts on both the global environment and health.

Klaus Kresser, Global Market Segment Manager Bonding at Plasmatreat, will explain how PT-Bond enables solvent- and flash-free bonding and pretreatment processes with PlasmaPlus® adhesion promoter technology. He also introduces PT-Bond technology and explains various precursors and nozzle heads in use.

After attending this PlasmaTalk, you will know more about:

  • Solvent-free solutions to transform current bonding and pretreatment processes.
  • Overview of recent applications of PT-Bond in various industries
  • Technical aspects, such as proper use of precursors, jet heads and quality assurance steps
  • Outlook on future developments and trends in this technology

This free PlasmaTalk is aimed at research, development, and quality control personnel as well as design engineers, process engineers and operators of production equipment in industrial processes.The PlasmaTalk will last 40-60 minutes and will include a Q&A session. If you have a specific question, please send it in advance to, so we can include it in the program.

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