Replace flame treatment with Openair-Plasma®

Tuesday, 02-13-2024
60 min

In this PlasmaTalk you will learn how using Openair Plasma® technology can make a significant contribution to reducing the global CO2 footprint of manufacturing processes:

Whether in the production of painted dashboards or in the manufacture of perfume bottles - both of these examples generate enormous amounts of CO2 emissions in conventional manufacturing processes. But why? To prepare surfaces for joining, bonding or printing, it is often necessary to activate them. In these applications, surface pretreatment is usually done by flame treatment. The goal of such a treatment is to oxidize the surface of the material through the application of energy, primarily heat, to make the originally non-polar material more polar and thus more wettable for polar solvents, adhesives, paints or inks. At the same time, reactive groups such as OH and COOH groups can provide a strong chemical bond. As this is a combustion process using hydrocarbons, there are significant CO2 emissions and the heating of the material often leads to material deformation and shrinkage.

Plasma surface treatment offers a reliable and environmentally friendly alternative. Join our PlasmaTalk "Replacing flame treatment with Openair-Plasma®" on February 13th.

These examples from the automotive and packaging industries will show you how you can use our innovative plasma technology to achieve a CO2-neutral and selective treatment of your components, as well as a higher and longer lasting activation level and improved dimensional stability. In addition, Lukas Buske, CEO and Head of Plasma Applications at Plasmatreat, will explain how the use of Openair-Plasma® can significantly reduce the number of process steps and thus manufacturing costs and time.

Take the opportunity to discover the advantages of this technology and to find out how you can make your pretreatment process more environmentally friendly.

The PlasmaTalk will take approximately 40-60 minutes, including FAQs. If you have specific challenges or questions, please send them in advance to, and we will be happy to include them in the program.

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Lukas Buske


Lukas Buske is a graduate mechanical engineer who has gained extensive knowledge of the automotive sector through various positions with a leading automotive manufacturer. From 2017, he managed the PlasmaPlus business unit at Plasmatreat, which is used to create nanocoatings using atmospheric pressure, e.g. for anti-corrosion coatings. Since 2019, he has also been Head of Plasma Applications & Market Segment Manager Battery and an official member of the Management Board since 2024.