Replacement of solvent-based primers using Openair-Plasma®

Tuesday, 03-12-2024
60 min

Openair-Plasma® and low-pressure Plasma are efficient and environmentally friendly technologies that are used in the industry to pretreat surfaces for bonding, printing, and painting processes. They serve as a substitute for solvent-based primers as they reduce the use of solvents (VOC).

Plasma technology enables the efficient cleaning, activation and coating of surfaces. This is done by changing the surface energy of the substrate, resulting in improved wettability and adhesion.

In this PlasmaTalk, Klaus Kresser, Global Market Segment Manager Bonding Application at Plasmatreat, will present the benefits of our innovative Openair-Plasma® technology:

  • Fewer process steps
  • Lower costs for occupational safety and warehousing
  • Can prevent stress cracks in plastics
  • Unrestricted robot suitability and inline capability
  • Increased production speed
  • Reduction in the need for manual activities

Find out why replacing solvent-based primers with Openair-Plasma® and low-pressure Plasma is an efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective solution for industrial applications and has already established as a reliable alternative in sectors such as medical technology, the automotive and electronics industries. In addition to the use of more cost-effective material alternatives, new types of material composites can also be achieved while maintaining or even improving the quality of the end products.

This free PlasmaTalk is aimed at employees in research, development, and quality control as well as design engineers, process engineers and operators of production facilities in industrial processes.

The PlasmaTalk takes about 40-60 minutes, including the FAQs. If you have specific problems or questions, you can send them in advance to, and we will be happy to include them in the program.

Klaus Kresser

Managing Director

Klaus Kresser is Managing Director at Plasmatreat Switzerland AG and Global Market Segment Manager Bonding Applications at Plasmatreat GmbH and worked for many years in the coating and adhesive industry. He has many years experience in lab, sales, R&D and technical service.