News: German President Steinmeier visits Plasmatreat Singapore

Exciting Technology and novelties in the German Center in Singapore.

During his trip to Southeast Asia, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visited the German Center in Singapore last Wednesday (June 15). Accompanied by a business delegation, he was shown in particular the area of the "Life Science Incubator" (LSI). Plasmatreat is also represented there with its atmospheric plasma technologies and systems for surface pretreatment. Probably also against the background of the current discussion about gas imports from Russia, Steinmeier was visibly impressed by this "gas alternative" from Steinhagen in eastern Westphalia.

Steinmeier was not only surprised to meet a company from his home region of East Westphalia-Lippe, but also about the process used by the Steinhagen plasma specialists: Plasma is generated from electrical energy and air only - a gas that cleans and treats surfaces in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Plasma is now used in thousands of industrial applications. Probably also against the background of the current discussion about gas imports from Russia, this "gas alternative" from Steinhagen in eastern Westphalia visibly impressed Steinmeier.

Plasmatreat, headquartered in Steinhagen/Gütersloh, is now represented by 250 employees at 34 locations worldwide with high-quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for natural surface treatments - mainly for aviation, electronics, packaging technology, automotive engineering or textile manufacturing.

Plasmatreat inspired by Steinmeier
The Singapore location, Plasmatreat's headquarters for Southeast Asia, is an important hub for the company: "The Asian market is growing and now accounts for a third of our sales," explains founder, owner and managing director Christian Buske: "In Asia, the share of the manufacturing sector is extremely high. Our equipment and product solutions are called upon particularly often there. The cell phone and automotive battery sectors are booming. We are supporting this with innovation and sustainability. And who knows: Maybe we will also develop new possibilities of heat generation with plasma - the surprising and curious inquiries of German President Steinmeier have inspired me a lot!", explains the graduate engineer.

The fact that Plasmatreat is always at the cutting edge of technology is also proven by its great commitment to innovation since the Corona pandemic. Because plasma also disinfects, Plasmatreat now also develops cleaning processes in medical areas and has solutions for disinfecting used protective clothing. In the company's own technology center in Steinhagen, there is a research laboratory that has just been expanded, because plasma technology can be used in many ways and certainly has more surprises in store.

Plasma technology from Steinhagen for the whole world
Plasma technology is based on a simple physical principle: the addition of energy causes states of aggregation to change. If further energy is added to a gas, it is ionized and changes into the high-energy plasma state as the fourth state of aggregation. When plasma with its high energy level comes into contact with materials, the surface properties change, e.g. from hydrophobic to hydrophilic. Plasma pretreatment is the key technology for ultra-fine cleaning, surface activation and plasma coating of almost all materials. Plasmatreat GmbH specializes in this field and offers a wide range of plasma systems and plant components for atmospheric plasma processes (Openair-Plasma).

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