News: Plasmatreat USA provides contract and lab services

Customers who are looking to enhance their manufacturing processes and improve quality without having to take up floor space or increase staff, can rely on the expertise and services of Plasmatreat USA, Inc. From their facility in California Plasmatreat provides their plasma-services to produce small batches, prototypes, or lot size 1. This service is available for all types of industries and applications. 

The ISO 9001 certified contract, lab and evaluation service with 15,000 sq. ft is based in Hayward CA (Silicon Valley). “Our engineers and researchers have great experience in improving manufacturing processes and meet or exceed the complex requirements of major companies around the globe”, explains Hardev Grewal, CEO of Plasmatreat USA, Inc. The contract service includes removing organic micro contamination, activating surfaces to enhance bonding and adhesion of glue, ink and paint and functionalizing or nano-coating of surfaces that are intended to be hydrophilic, hydrophobic, oleophobic or anticorrosive. The Plasmatreat contract team is handling a variety of different products and materials. For example, a roll of plastic material is placed into a low-pressure plasma system that cleans the rolled material and makes it hydrophilic in a single cycle. In another area, a robot uses a PlasmaPlus system to apply an anticorrosive nano-coating to an electrical connector. Most of the treated items leave the Plasmatreat facility by the next morning. High-tech companies are relying on the contract services of plasma surface modification. Some customers require ISO 9001:2015 certified surface modification but do not have the means to invest in their own Plasmatreat system. “We provide contract services to customers across many industries, such as electronics, aerospace, automotive, medical device or food production”, Grewal mentions. 

In addition to the contract service, Plasmatreat also offers a lab and evaluation service where Grewal’s team provides individualized surface treatment solutions for different materials and products. Therefore, Plasmatreat is equipped with different plasma systems, like Plasma Atmospheric Deposition (PAD) system, Openair-Plasma and a low-pressure system for a variety of applications such as surface cleaning and activation. Surface functionalization is also part of the service, which includes functional coatings like corrosion protection, hydrophobic or hydrophilic, oleophobic, insulation, adhesion promotion, ink or paint adhesives, biocompatible, anti-fog or release coatings. The engineers and scientists can treat different materials, shapes and sizes, materials with different physical and chemical properties in low and high quantities. To proof the capability of the plasma technology, the lab service provides detailed documentation, based on the use of different testing methods, like the surface energy test to proof wettability, mechanical testing for adhesive strength or test to document oleophobicity. Customers from the electronics, aerospace, automotive and medical devices industry make use of Plasmatreat´s services.

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