News: One year of Plasmatreat Nordic AB

Always close to Scandinavian and Baltic customers for the best possible support around plasma technology.

The Plasmatreat Group has reason to celebrate: Plasmatreat Nordic AB is celebrating its first birthday. Plasmatreat GmbH, based in Steinhagen, Germany, has further expanded its global sales network with its location in Gothenburg, Sweden, under the management of Alberto Casimiro since July 2021. For one year now, Plasmatreat Nordic has been serving the countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania and has fully entered the project business and process development with its customers here. The Finnish and Estonian markets are served in close cooperation with the Finnish sales partner Foilpak Oy.

Plasmatreat has a global customer base in more than 110 countries and is constantly expanding its sales and service network through new branches or partnerships. With the opening of Plasmatreat Nordic, the leading manufacturer and developer of atmospheric plasma products and systems offers Northern European customers even closer support and advice on all aspects of its surface pretreatment products. Plasmatreat has developed various processes for the environmentally friendly pretreatment of different materials and made them suitable for industrial use: Fine cleaning with Openair-Plasma reliably removes contaminations such as dust or grease from substrates. When the surface is activated with plasma, the surface energy is increased. Among other things, this improves the subsequent adhesion of adhesives and coatings. The PlasmaPlus nanocoating also creates functionalized surfaces with defined properties, such as an bonding agent or anti-corrosion layer. Innovative control and quality assurance systems ensure comprehensive process control and reproducibility in line with Industry 4.0.

"With the opening of Plasmatreat Nordic, we can now offer customers from the region even more individualized advice and first-class service with the shortest response times - this is meeting with great approval from existing and potential customers. The Scandinavian and Baltic market has great potential for the Plasmatreat Group and I am proud to be able to represent the group here in the far north," explains Alberto Casimiro and is pleased about the first birthday of his subsidiary.

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