PR: Plasmatreat Italia on course for expansion

New location near Venice, direct service around plasma for Italian customers

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Plasmatreat Italia S.r.l. is now making its comprehensive expertise in atmospheric plasma technology available to the Italian market with even more capacity. With the move to the Vega Science and Technology Park of Venice, customers of the Italian subsidiary of the German Plasmatreat GmbH benefit from even more space and an enlarged workforce.

The special competences around atmospheric plasma technology, together with the decades of experience of the German parent company Plasmatreat GmbH from Steinhagen, make Plasmatreat Italia a sought-after partner of the Italian industry. This is because plasma treatment is regarded as a universal problem solver: it improves countless processes, among other things by significantly increasing adhesion. This enables, for example, long-term stable bonding and painting of a wide variety of materials such as plastics, metal, glass and more. Plasma not only makes processes more reliable and efficient, but also significantly more environmentally friendly. Targeted surface modification opens up completely new possibilities in production processes for industry and offers an answer to numerous unsolved material issues.

New location in Vega Science and Technology Park
The demand for the innovative technology by the Italian industry is growing and puts Plasmatreat Italia S.r.l. on an expansion course. And so, since February 2023, the company can be found with an enlarged workforce and in a significantly larger space in the Vega Science and Technology Park of Venice, the science and technology pool just outside Venice. There it benefits from the numerous other resident technology companies, which together with research and industry have formed a strong network, and brings its expertise in the field of surface treatment with plasma here.

Top equipment for first-class services
With the move to the new premises, customers of Plasmatreat Italia benefit from expanded technical capabilities on site as well as more capacity for qualified consulting and first-class service. For example, the new location has a PTU 1212 plasma cell with a six-axis robot for a wide variety of tests in the field of ultra-fine cleaning, activation and plasma coating of plastics, glass, steel, aluminum alloys or polymer films. In addition, a linear table with variable speed from 0 to 150 m/min is available, equipped with five different plasma nozzles, including single and double rotary nozzles for a maximum treatment width of 100 mm in one pass, suitable for flat substrates and large-area surfaces.

Even better customer service on site
More staff and the expanded technical equipment will enable the Plasmatreat team to respond even better to the needs of customers in the northern Italian economic area in the future and to support them effectively on site with consulting services, the development of new applications, laboratory tests, suitable equipment - also as rental systems - as well as maintenance and service. "We have already been able to help many companies make their processes even more reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly. Word is getting around - demand is high," says a pleased Omar Falconelli, Managing Director of Plasmatreat Italia S.r.l.