News: Plasmatreat Nordic cooperates with RISE in Scandinavia

Plasmatreat Nordic AB starting its cooperation with RISE, the leading research institute in Scandinavia.

Seminars about research, development and surface treatment with plasma technology Plasmatreat Nordic AB, a subsidiary of Plasmatreat GmbH, which is a leading developer and manufacturer of atmospheric plasma systems, starting its cooperation with RISE, the leading research institute in Scandinavia. The cooperation will include seminars to increase knowledge about how plasma treatment works and how it can contribute to an environmentally friendly and sustainable process for cost-effective manufacturing. 

Plasmatreat works close together with universities and research institutes. Historically, a number of development projects have been carried out together with, e.g., Fraunhofer IFAM. As natural also Plasmatreat Nordic wants to develop its relationships with research institutes established in its geographical area and with experience and operations.

The new cooperation between Plasmatreat and RISE conduct a number of seminars to spread competence and "know-how" in plasma treatment. RISE is Sweden's and Scandinavia's leading research institute in a number of areas and has with its scientific competence an overall goal to contribute to sustainable growth. This is done by building structures and processes for innovation that provide international competitiveness for customers and partners. RISE is also an independent, state-of-the-art research institute that offers unique expertise and around 100 test and demonstration environments for future-proof technologies, products and services.

Together with research know-how from RISE and expertise in research and manufacturing of atmospheric plasma treatment from Plasmatreat, the companies now want to jointly spread the knowledge about environmentally friendly surface treatment with plasma. Various topics around plasma technology can be covered in seminars and webinars, e.g. the different plasma methods (activation, cleaning and coating), how plasma technology can reduce the use of chemicals and primers or the different possibilities to use plasma coatings.

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