Measuring surface energy – The starting point for plasma pretreatment

Every material surface has a specific surface energy. Every liquid (such as ink) also has an inherent tension. Reliable adhesion with long-term stability of printinggluing or coating requires that the surface energy of the material is greater than that of the liquid. Plastics, for example, have predominantly low surface energy (often less than 28 mN/m). If these plastics are to be printed, a surface energy of 40 mN/m for solvent inks or a surface energy of 56 mN/m for UV-curing systems is required. If water-based paint systems are used, the surface energy has to be above 72 mN/m.

For many industrial applications it is crucial that adhesives and/or printing inks and surface properties are optimally aligned. Targeted pretreatment with atmospheric-pressure plasma achieves a significant increase in surface tension. This gives materials the optimum capabilities for accepting printing ink (wettability) or adhesion.

Comparison surface energy - before and after plasma treatment

Plasmatreat offers different possibilities and services to measure the surface energy of your material

Plasmatreat test inks

A simple method to measure the surface tension of various materials, such as plastic, glass, and recycled or composite materials, is the determination using test inks. Plasmatreat test inks are an excellent tool for surface determination, quality assurance during ongoing production, and determination of accurate parameters for plasma treatment.

Book your individual material test

Give it a try: Our experienced application engineers are looking forward working with you to find the best solution for your use case. In our well-equipped laboratories, together we will pre-treat your individual parts with our plasma technology and analyse the results.

Plasmatreat test systems and plasma systems to rent

We offer our customers the option of testing our Openair-Plasma® surface technology, with no commitment and very little expense, under the real conditions you face, directly in your own production facilities.

Contact angle measurement

For years, in close cooperation with our partner KRÜSS, we have been relying on the accuracy of the contact angle measuring method.

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