DAY ONE: “Automotive Electronics – Autonomous Vehicles Change the Game”

October 8, 2019
7:45 am – 2:00pm (includes networking luncheon)

The automotive industry is going through a transitional game-changing period.  As the industry moves towards autonomous vehicles, increasingly complex automotive electronics will require more stringent regulatory and safety standards. ISO26262 addresses the needs for an automotive specific international standard that focuses on safety critical components.

The automotive electronics industry will likely adopt many of the proven manufacturing processes, testing, verification and record keeping practices used today for aerospace, military, and defense electronics as the race towards autonomous vehicles force more electronics to fall under ASIL-D classification.


DAY TWO: “Lightweight Automotive Structure – Criticality and Methods for Joining Dissimilar Materials”

October 9, 2019
7:45 am – 2:00pm (includes networking luncheon)

The automotive industry is going through a transitional game-changing period.  As the industry moves towards autonomous vehicles, the increase in electronics is adding, and not subtracting, weight from the vehicle. 

As the drive towards lighter vehicles continues, the focus must be on not just selecting the correct lighter material for the application, but on ensuring the bond strength, reliability and repeatability of this material and its bond.

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Speaker and Topics

Tuesday, October 8th - Electronics

Matt Gruber – Magna Electronics
The Great Balancing Act, Reliable, Yet Affordable - attaining and maintaining Best-in-Class in a Highly Competitive Environment.

Jason Keeping – Celestica
Conformal Coating is a very mature process and application technique, however the importance of conformal coating is now re-emerging as the industry is coping to deal with changes associated with Pb-free and to drive cost out of the associated coating processes.

Giles Dillingham – BTG Labs
The long term, predictable performance of structures and devices that include interfaces between similar or dissimilar materials depends on control of materials surface properties.

Mike Bixenman – Kyzen
Printed Circuit Board/Assembly Design Considerations, PCGA Cleanliness and Climatic Reliability.

Jon Urquhart – PVA
Defining the end goal of a conformal coating process and understanding the equipment capability with various application techniques will be discussed plus additional tips on identifying process issues.

Richard Burke - Plasmatreat
Autonomous driving technologies increase criticality of automotive electronics reliability & protection from harsh environments. Openair-Plasma® technology can prepare automotive electronic surfaces for application of conformal coating, potting, and encapsulating materials to ensure the highest possible level of protection.

Wednesday, October 9th - Lightweighting

Shashank Modi – C.A.R.
Impact of Automated, Connected, Electric and Shared Vehicles on Materials.

Mick Maher – Maher & Associates
The Rise of Thermoplastics and Short Fiber Composites for Aerospace and Defense.

Dr. Giles Dillingham – BTG Labs
Fundamentals of control strategies for surface and interface engineering along with examples focused on vehicle powertrain and control systems.

Dr. Uday Vaidya, Phd – IACMI
IACMI efforts in lightweighting composites with lower cost rapid cycle times.

Dr. Lawrence T. Drzal – Michigan State University
Lightweighting composites vs. Multifunctionality: Fiber reinforced composite materials have significant advantages for lightweighting vehicles structures.

Gleb Meirson - Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research
Use of Plasma in Over-Molding of Continuous Fiber Tapes by LFT-D Process.

Tim Smith – Plasmatreat
PlasmaPlus® coating of mixed materials for anti-corrosion, anti-galvanic and enhanced bonding properties.



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