Simple, quick and efficient – optimal bonding of hot stamped foil on carton packaging

Hot foil stamping is often used for decorative finishing on packaging. These days, it’s difficult for cosmetics and even food to stand out from the pack without hot stamping on its secondary packaging or label. The range of applications in the graphic arts industry is practically limitless.

Reliable bonding of hot stamped foil

To bond hot stamped foil to non-polar polymer surfaces or glossy UV coatings or varnishes and ensure high quality, surface pretreatment is required. Openair-Plasma® offers an outstanding solution here too for the packaging industry.

Plasma pretreatment to activate surfaces can be integrated directly in the production process. Material blanks are precisely activated on those spots that will subsequently be hot stamped.


A question of surface tension

Bobst is the leading supplier of equipment and services in the area of folding cartons, corrugated board, and the processing of flexible materials.

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