Extreme dynamic stresses, long-time stable adhesion of counterweights in washing machines, example BSH Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH

Anja Lömker - Technischer Vertieb Plasmatreat


Anja Lömker
Technical Sales

The domestic appliance industry is increasingly turning to elastic adhesives. This technology offers numerous advantages and a high degree of process flexibility compared with conventional techniques (e.g. riveting, bolting and welding). The structural bonding of components is a highly specialized application in the manufacture of washing machines. For instance, processing counterweights weighing 6.2 kg (polymer-filled concrete) is particularly challenging. Working together with SIKA AG we have achieved optimum bonding results on components with Sikaflex-254 elastic adhesive.

Surface activation and microfine cleaning of the surfaces to be bonded is achieved by pretreating the non-polar materials with Openair-Plasma® immediately before applying the adhesive.  With the fast-curing adhesive, the structural bond is achieved within minutes.

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