Optimum adhesion of polyurethane (PUR) foam to polypropylene (PP) plastic components

Anja Lömker - Technischer Vertieb Plasmatreat


Anja Lömker
Technical Sales

The seals of domestic appliances such as tumble dryers need an extremely reliable adhesive bond to prevent any moisture penetration even after years of use – and this presents something of a challenge. Plasmatreat was commissioned by Miele to find a solution to this problem for their condenser dryers.

The answer lay in using 2-component PUR foam seals and pretreating the plastic material to be sealed with Openair-Plasma®: In a single operation, the PP surfaces were cleaned to a microfine level and the non-polar PP was activated to increase the surface energy to over 72mJ/m².  This created the perfect conditions for long-term stable adhesion of the PUR foam seals to the plastic.

The entire system is computer-controlled and fully automated. The plasma system is equipped with a robot-controlled rotary nozzle for gently treating relatively large surfaces, as well as a static nozzle for intensively treating complex grooved geometries.

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