„Plasma Tube“ pretreats 1024 different seal geometries in record time

Joachim Schüßler - Vertriebsleitung Deutschland


Joachim Schüßler
Sales Manager Germany

Plasma Tube was developed to make the already very rapid plasma pretreatment process even more efficient when manufacturing a wide variety of different seal profiles.

The new station can accommodate between four and twelve plasma nozzles. By selecting a predetermined nozzle configuration in relation to the profile, nozzle repositioning is completed in seconds. During a profile change the unit automatically adjusts the axes to the new nozzle position in under a minute – using the integrated control system for optimum precision and reproducibility. The unit can memorize up to 1024 different profile settings which can be retrieved at any time. As well as automatic nozzle placement, the system also features an intelligent nozzle preselect function which ensures that only those nozzles that are actually required are supplied to the treatment chamber; the remaining nozzles are left outside. It can also reliably detect nozzle failures.

The new system will be of particular benefit to manufacturers with frequently changing profiles and small batch numbers. Operating with minimum staffing levels and ensuring absolute reproducibility of the activation process, the fully automated EPD pretreatment system delivers quality assurance and reduced cost. Especially for manufacturers with only a small number of profile formats, the system offers a high level of reliability in the pretreatment process by eliminating changeover errors from the outset.

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