Exchanging knowledge at this years´s Technology Meeting

For this year´s Technology Meeting our international sales team and representatives of more than 20 countries met at Park Inn Hotel Bielefeld, Germany to discuss and learn about plasma applications. Part of the 2-day event were lectures from industry and research including topics such as "Adhesive Bonding Processes in Modern Automotive Production" (Dr. Horst Stepanski, Stepanski Engineering), "The future of mobility" (Dr. Marc Breithecker, BMW Group), "Plasma for Corrosion Protection" (Dr. Uwe Lommatzsch, Fraunhofer IFAM), "Adhesive Bonding" (Julius Weirauch, 3M Deutschland GmbH) and "Trends in Plastic" (Thilo Stier and Edgar Düvel, Akro-Plastic GmbH). Prior to the meeting all participants were invited to a factory tour of company Miele in Gütersloh, Germany.

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