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World Market Leader and Future Champion

Christian Buske

CEO of Plasmatreat GmbH Christian Buske was awarded the medal for gaining entry into the Encyclopedia of German World Market Leaders during the Summit of World Market Leaders in Schwäbisch Hall. ...

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Activation before applying solder mask

Peter Langhof

Especially at high circuit boards there is the risk of the paint to be very thin at their edges. More precisely, the coating thickness at the edge radius is very low especially at reduced ...

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Desmearing drilled holes with Openair-Plasma®

Peter Langhof

The manufacture of printed circuit boards is as diverse as the product itself and the requirements that the product is now required to satisfy. We are currently experiencing an exponential rise in ...

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Long-term corrosion protection for electronic components

Peter Langhof

Electronic components must be protected from corrosion wherever they come into contact with moisture. Reliable long-term protection from moisture ingress is a basic requirement when bonding or ...

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