BONDEXPO 2014: Reliable bonding and locally selective corrosion protection

Photo: Plasmatreat
In the Openair® PlasmaPlus® process, aluminum surfaces are cleaned, simultaneously activated and then selectively functionalized with nanocoatings prior to bonding.

At this year's Bondexpo Plasmatreat will focus on how to bond sealing materials reliably to aluminum whilst at the same time ensuring a high level of corrosion protection. The company plans to showcase its two technologies – Openair® plasma and the PlasmaPlus® atmospheric plasma coating process – in live demonstrations that will enable visitors to experience the pretreatments at first hand.

First a 6-axis robotic cell will perform microfine cleaning, simultaneous activation and functional plasma nanocoating. The dual action of microfine cleaning and powerful activation in a single step is far more effective than conventional systems. Plasma treatment significantly increases the adhesion capacity and wetability of the material surface in a precisely adjustable manner. Apart from its suitability for in-line use, the main advantages this PlasmaPlus® technology has over other coating techniques is its local selectivity. It targets only those areas where it is actually needed. The coating provides adhesives and sealants with a secure, stable substrate as well as a high degree of corrosion protection, especially for aluminum alloys. The process is environmentally friendly, entirely dispensing with the need for disposal or treatment of chemicals.

Photo: Plasmatreat
Locally selective corrosion protection with PlasmaPlus®

Visitors can watch a digital animation of the plasma process on screen; the film shows the cleaning of an aluminum diecast housing, the activation of a plastic surface and the combined microfine cleaning and locally selective plasma coating of aluminum and subsequent adhesion in a continuous process.

The effectiveness of the corrosion protection is then demonstrated in a second, live presentation. Pretreated aluminum components housed in a spray chamber are exposed to a continuous mist of water for the entire duration of the trade show. The results are conclusive: whilst the uncoated areas quickly start to corrode, the plasma-treated areas remain smooth and pristine.

Come and visit us at BONDEXPO 2014
The International Tradeshow for Bonding Technology
Stuttgart, 6 – 9 October 2014
Hall 7, Stand 7334

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