Live at the productronica-China 2015! Potential-free Openair® plasma treatment of PCB Assemblies

For the third time Plasmatreat will exhibit at the productronica-China 2015, China's leading exhibition for electronics development and production. The show will open at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from March 17 - 19, 2015. Exhibitors from all over the world will participate, with over 56,000 visitors expected.

Plasmatreat China will present the newly developed jet system RD2005, showing visitors how potential free atmospheric plasma treatment can clean and simultaneously activate material surfaces without damaging the sensitive electronics. The team will demonstrate Openair® plasma live as an innovative solution for surface pretreatment of PCBA electronic parts before conformal coating or molding. Furthermore Plasmatreat will show the effect of atmospheric plasma activation on PCBs before sold masking and lamination.

Especially for the roll PCB material treatment Openair® plasma technology has outstanding advantages:

  • Activation of the PI film, increase of surface energy
  • Microfine cleaning of the copper foil
  • Enhancement of the lamination strength
  • Scum removal in the blind via holes of roll material after laser drilling
  • Fast speed treatment, process safe and 100% reproducible
  • Inline application (no vacuum chamber)
  • Cost and working steps reduction
  • Environmentally-friendly and dry process replacing chemicals

At the Plasmatreat booth visitors can also experience how Openair® plasma can effectively increase the surface energy of materials in order to enhance the adhesion strength after subsequent processes such as SMT dispensing, sealing or painting. Proof of the effect will be given by contact angle measurement before and after plasma treatment.

Visit us at the productronica-China 2015 in Hall E1, Booth 1562!


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