productronica China 2016: Plasmatreat scores with LED lead frame treatment

Plasmatreat at productronica China 2016

With over 1088 exhibitors from 31 countries, productronica China opened its gates to over 60,000 visitors in March. Plasmatreat presented its latest developments for the atmospheric plasma pretreatment of lead frames and electronic components to great acclaim at China's leading trade fair for electronics development and production in Shanghai this year.

This year's stand was aimed particularly at manufacturers of automotive and aeronautical electronics, circuit boards, electronic displays and high-performance batteries as well as OEMs from the connector industry. A good surface treatment before bonding or lamination is essential for the circuit boards, FR4 strips and copper LED carriers used in these industries to ensure that the electronics function correctly.

Calvin Chen (branch director of Plasmatreat China) and his colleagues, assisted by Thomas Markert, Managing Director Plasmatreat Singapore, and Rainer Schobert, Business Development Manager Electronic and Medical, Plasmatreat Deutschland, gave a live demonstration of the highly effective pretreatment performance of Openair plasma technology. Customers could see for themselves how a rotary nozzle controlled by a 6-axis robotic system cleaned and simultaneously activated circuit boards, displays and lead frames in a matter of seconds.

Visitors to the stand were particularly interested in the newly developed Plasmatreat lead frame handling system. What had previously been possible only in a vacuum chamber can now be achieved under atmospheric pressure. Equipped with two RD2005 rotary nozzle jets, the plasma system can be used not only for microfine cleaning and activation but also for oxide reduction on copper, for example. With the addition of a PlasmaPlus® system, it was also possible to carry out functional plasma polymerization to create an anti-corrosive or adhesion-promoting layer, for instance.

With visitor numbers up by 40% compared with the previous year, Plasmatreat China's attendance at the show ended on a high note.


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